Our Weekend at Maker Faire!

Recently, the GoPayment team headed to San Mateo, California for “the world’s largest DIY Festival,” Maker Faire. We knew it would be special, but we were blown away at what we saw!

From robotic animals to carved wooden bikes to break dancing lessons, there was some serious talent present at the faire this year. An estimated 100,000 attendees showed up to see the giant colossus standing in the middle of the grounds, learn how to make the most of reusing and recycling materials, and watch the ancient art of making things work manually!

We showed up with the early birds on Friday morning for Set-Up-Day to help dozens of makers get going with brand new card readers and GoPayment accounts. No transaction fees were charged all weekend in the spirit of communities coming together to showcase raw talent.

Maker Faire reminded us about the power of innovation and creativity—and that it all starts with one idea. We were proud to be there, and can’t wait to support even more makers with GoPayment in the future!

Check out our photo album from Maker Faire on our Facebook Page.


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