Intuit Welcomes AisleBuyer

Great news on the payments front! This week Intuit purchased AisleBuyer, a Boston-based startup that provides a scalable platform to address emerging retailer needs across the entire shopping experience.

We are in a fast-moving, ever-changing mobile payments space. By leveraging AisleBuyer’s technology and talent, together we will bring added value to Intuit’s mobile payment and point of sale offerings, including GoPayment. In particular, AisleBuyer’s technology opens up the mobile point of sale ecosystem to our internal and third-party developers, and together we’ll be able to deliver innovative offerings to our small business customers.

We’re excited to welcome AisleBuyer’s talented team to Intuit, and look forward to working together to drive the growth of our mobile point of sale payments business!

About Melissa Tahan

Melissa Tahan works with Intuit’s Payments Solutions group as a Marketing Manager. A recent transplant from the east coast, she spends her weekends exploring the Bay Area and loves finding new boutiques and restaurants to try out.
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