Intuit GoPayment Wins Best Mobile Payment Award at 2011 Mobile Excellence Event

The room was abuzz with excitement and intrigue as people gathered to show off their latest mobile innovations at the 2011 Mobile Excellence Awards in Los Angeles last night.

The highlight of the evening (in my opinion) was of course when Intuit GoPayment was selected from among the finalists to receive the award for Best Mobile Payment. It was an honor to accept this award on behalf of Intuit GoPayment and to share the stage with other winners, including Angry Birds, Zappos, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and Mercedes, all of which have carved out a unique space in the mobile industry.

I had a lot of fun showing off my Intuit GoPayment credit card reader, on and off stage. Armed with my free card reader plugged into my iPhone, I showed the attendees how even they could start taking plastic. It was great to see the look on their faces as I explained that the card reader was free, encrypted, and simple to use.

My key takeaway from the event was that the mobile space is moving very fast. It is important not just to innovate quickly, but also to teach people what they can do with their smartphones and tablets, including taking credit card payments on the go!

The only downside of the event was that both the valet and bar accepted cash only. We need to make sure they use GoPayment credit card readers next time. This is a mobile event, after all.

About Jennifer Lopdrup

Jennifer is an RDP Associate working in marketing for GoPayment. She is passionate about the mobile space and loves working on products that have a great impact on people's lives and businesses.
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