How To’s: Adding Users to your GoPayment Account

Got employees out taking payment at various service locations?  Want more than one person at the farmer’s market or tradeshow taking credit cards to keep the lines moving?   With one GoPayment account you can enable multiple users to ensure that your operation is covered!  Here’s how…

To add a user to your account:

1. Access your account from your Merchant Service Center.

2. On the homepage, select to ‘Manage GoPayment’. You can also select the ‘GoPayment’ option under the ‘Account’ tab.

3.  A list of all existing users will appear.  Click the ‘Add a New User’ button above the list. 

4.  Provide the user’s name and Email Address* assign them a unique User ID.  

5.  Provide the user’s Phone Number and select their Wireless Carrier.*

*Why do we ask for this information?  The email address, phone number and carrier are used to send an optional set up message with instructions for downloading the GoPayment App.

If the user is using a non-phone device (i.e., a tablet/iPod Touch) OR  has already downloaded the App to their phone, please provide any phone number, email address and carrier and click the ‘GoPayment is already set up on this phone’ option.  When this box is checked,  they won’t receive the message.

 Congrats–you’ve created a new user for your account!   

The User ID and a Temporary Password will appear on the next page.   Provide the user with this information to log in to the GoPayment App on their phone.  Upon logging in with the temp password for the first time, they will be prompted to re-set the password to something they will remember.

Ongoing User Management

You can add up to 50 users for any one GoPayment account!

If at any time you wish to reset a user’s password or disable a user entirely to prevent them from using your GoPayment account in the future, you can access their settings by clicking on their name within the list of users.  All options for managing the user will appear on the screen that appears: 

Other Details

All payments collected by users are deposited into the bank account that is connected to your GoPayment account. 

Furthermore, though users have the ability to run complete GoPayment transactions, they do not have access to change your GoPayment account settings or add users themselves–those capabilities remains solely with you as the owner of the account.

Hope you’re able to make great use of this feature.  Please leave any comments or questions below and we’ll get back to you!

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