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Summer is over, which means tans are fading and people are pulling out the coats and heavier layers for fall. But that doesn’t mean a downturn for salons that offer waxing, spray-tanning, and other body-conscious treatments. Entrepreneurs like Trisha Markel, owner of Sun & Skin Tease in Vacaville, Calif., are gearing up for “peel season” and other treatments that keep her busy in the colder months.

Markel recently talked with the GoPayment Blog about her shop’s services, beauty industry trends, and mobile payments.

GoPayment: What’s on your menu of beauty treatments?

Markel: The “premises” of my business are making skin healthy and making people feel more beautiful. I offer spray-tanning so that my customers avoid the tanning booths. For skin treatments, I offer body waxing; facial peels; crystal-free microdermabrasion, which safely exfoliates away the dull, top layer of skin; and glimmer body art, which are temporary tattoos that last for two weeks. I’m thinking of adding airbrush makeup, as that gets more popular. And I now offer my own line of skin-care products.

Do the types of treatments your customers ask for change according to the season?

Yes, definitely. “Waxing season” starts in February, as people think about going on vacation someplace warm. They want spray-tanning in the early summer, as they start to wear fewer clothes but don’t have their summer tans yet. But spray-tanning drops in the winter, which surprises me, because I think people would want a little tan during the cold months. Summer is not a good time for facial peels, as the sun is at its most intense, so my “peel season” is October to March. My salon is busy year-round; I do different types of treatments as the year progresses.

What are the emerging trends in skin treatments?

Oxygen is becoming a big thing. I hear about facials with oxygen incorporated into the process, and my skin-care line includes a foundation with oxygen as an ingredient. Crystal microdermabrasion is popular, but it’s not good for all skin types. The use of LED in photo facials is on the rise, but lighting machines are expensive, so I haven’t made that investment yet. Another thing that has come a long way is permanent makeup — the advancements made in getting one’s lips, brows, and even eyelashes done are just beautiful. Organic wax peels are more popular and really wonderful — a lot of salons even compost the used wax.

What made you decide to use GoPayment?

I lease space in a beauty salon, which charges me 5 percent per transaction to use its payment-processing machines. That’s pointless when I have a phone I can use to incorporate credit-card processing. But I thought, “Why do I need to spend $200 on equipment to set it up a card processor?” When I did research on the options, GoPayment came up. Intuit is a familiar name that I trust. Some others had astronomical fees, but Intuit was very straightforward and extremely reasonable with its fees. It works perfectly for me in my role as a small-business owner.

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Vanessa Richardson is a freelance writer (and therefore a small-biz owner herself) in San Francisco who covers business and financial topics.
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