New York Dog Nanny Takes Precious Pups to the Park in Manhattan

Growing up in a family that fostered dogs, Sharon and Cynthia Okimoto inherited a soft spot for canines. In 2010, the sisters built a business around their passion for dog care when they opened New York Dog Nanny. Sharon and Cynthia provide New York dog owners with luxury, posh dog care services, treatments, and products.

GroomersAs they got up and running, they accepted payment by cash or check. The New York Dog Nanny brand is professional, innovative and savvy, but its payment options just didn’t reflect this. So Sharon and Cynthia felt an urgency to put a credit card processing solution in place. After a few months of using GoPayment, Intuit partnered with New York Dog Nanny and took Sharon and Cynthia to one of the busiest intersections in Manhattan, somewhere they had never thought of setting up their business.

The GoPayment team set up a custom, impromptu dog salon just outside of Madison Square Park where, for a few hours on a Tuesday afternoon, Sharon and Cynthia provided trimming and grooming services to several dozen dogs while they (and their owners) were on their lunch break. They also set up a retail space and a lounge, where dogs could hang out before and after their treatments.

To see the video of New York Dog Nanny in action, check out Share the video and you could win $1,000 — or submit your own idea for a cool pop-up and be entered to win $10,000!

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