Jennifer Wayland on Massage as Good Medicine

Good Medicine Massage owner Jennifer Wayland outgrew her role as the family’s purveyor of foot and back rubs long ago. Since 1999, her Northglenn, Colo.-based practice in rehabilitative massage therapy has catered to people seeking a holistic way to treat aches and injuries.

The GoPayment Blog recently spoke with Wayland, a self-described “technophobe,” about accepting mobile payments and society’s shifting attitudes toward massage as preventive health care.

GoPayment: What’s the meaning of your business name?

Wayland: It has two sides. There is the esoteric side, with my concept of medicine in the Native American culture, in the sense of making whole and restoring well-being and harmony, as well as homeostasis. I was reading about that one day, and it really struck me. On the more grounded side would be the continuing evolution of massage therapy in the Western medical community and how it is becoming a more valuable part of all aspects of health care — from preventive to rehabilitative care.

Who is your typical client?

Everyday people. People who are weekend warriors, aspiring athletes. It’s mainly people who want to feel their best. They think massage is necessary for their everyday aches and pains, whether it is an old injury or something that has come up at work. I’ve treated people for desk injuries, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome, and things like that from sitting in front of the computer too long. It’s really a broad spectrum of people.

How do you market your services?

I have a website, and I take advantage of the free online listings. Through the years, I have paid for advertising, and I’ve never really found it to be more successful than word of mouth. I can’t say it’s not effective, but it’s not really better than word of mouth. I think a blend of both is nice, and an online presence is necessary.

What motivated you to start using GoPayment?

In previous years, I accepted credit cards at a couple of different times. Frankly, it was cost-prohibitive. Being a small business with a small volume, and without being locked into a long-term contract, the fees were more than I could afford. It didn’t make good sense. With GoPayment, I love that I don’t have contracts and the rates are reasonable, and it is geared toward the understanding that small businesses just don’t have the same volume as larger ones. It was a welcome addition for my clients who want to use their debit cards for health savings accounts or who just prefer paying with a card. For the HSA cards, it makes things much easier to process for my clients.

How has adding GoPayment affected your business?

It made card payments that much easier and more convenient for me and my clients. That is always good, to be able to provide convenience to your clients.

Have attitudes toward therapeutic massage changed since you started out?

Truly, I have felt fortunate to be practicing at what is really a cutting-edge time in this profession — with massage therapy becoming more and more an accepted part of health care. It’s becoming more and more accepted as preventive maintenance rather than just a luxury.

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