Hansen Heating and Cooling Boosts Customer Service with GoPayment

When an employee of Hansen Heating and Cooling arrives at a customer’s home on a service call, the person who opens the door can be sure of one thing: a straight-up diagnosis. “We give honest answers, even if it means losing a sale,” owner Chad Setchell explains. “Our only ‘salespeople’ are price, honesty, and commitment.”

Hansen Heating and Cooling serves mostly residential customers in the Mobile and Baldwin counties of Alabama. The company, which started in 2004, now has five service vans and 10 employees. It offers service, repair, and replacement for all types of heating and cooling, ventilation, and indoor air-quality equipment.

In spite of the economic slump, during the last several years the company has experienced overall growth. The GoPayment Blog recently asked Setchell about his strategies for meeting today’s challenges and growing his business.

GoPayment: Tell us what you’ve done to increase your customer base in recent years.

Setchell: The internet has been our best advertising payoff. Four years ago, we made a huge commitment to a strong online presence, and now 60 percent of our business is derived from those efforts. We use Yahoo, enhanced local listings, and AdWords from Google. We manage our own AdWords accounts, which is made really easy to do, and we keep track of our progress.

What’s your biggest business challenge?

Employees. You have to have the right people on board, and they have to have the right attitude and mind-set about what you’re trying to accomplish as a whole. Our main point is customer service, and everyone has to be oriented to that while still being efficient and effective in their daily work.

Has GoPayment helped you with customer service?

GoPayment has made payments a lot easier. All of our employees use iPhones or iPads, and GoPayment integrates with them easily. We can receive payments for $95 one hour and $8,000 the next, and we’ve never had a glitch with the service. The fees are all upfront and deducted from our account when the deposits are made, so there’s no need to worry about batching items or looking for hidden costs. The method used to email customer receipts is extremely easy and customizable to look professional. We also see many different types of credit cards, and GoPayment has made it easier to take all of them.

What’s next for the company?

Even during the current economic situation, we’ve grown as a whole over the past four years. Each month is better than that same month of the previous year. And customer service continues to be our #1 priority every day, all day long. We have a growing customer list, and when someone calls, we do all we can to help them.

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