GoPayment Keeps Nail Salon Owner on Her Toes

Since opening Talons & Tootsies Nail Studio in Canton, Ohio, in 2005, Erin Young has worked tirelessly to retain its trendy vibe. She posts photos of her sought-after pedicures on Facebook, creates glittery themes for different holidays and seasons, and gushes about polish shades and nail appliqués online. It’s all about customer engagement, she says.

“I try to have an upbeat feel to my shop. My room is about the same size as a bedroom, maybe 8 by 9 feet. My colors and decorations are sky blue accented with chocolate brown. I play rock music instead of the typical adult contemporary ‘boring’ music. It’s a comfortable atmosphere, yet fun, and is very me,” says Young.

To that end, the savvy cosmetologist and nail technician uses GoPayment to process transactions. Young likes the flexibility it provides her patrons, many of whom are repeat customers. “It adds convenience for my clients to pay however they want,” she notes. “Many people don’t carry cash on them, so to swipe their debit card on my [smartphone] works out well.”

The Intuit Small Business Blog recently caught up with Young to chat about how she uses social media and what some of the hot fall trends are.

ISBB: You’re very active on Facebook. How does that help energize your customer base?

Young: A lot of my clientele is generated by word of mouth. With the wonders of social media, I can reach out to a wider range of potential new clients. I like to post a ton of pictures of clients’ nails and tag those clients in the pictures, so their friends and families can see the products I can create.

You recently published photos of nails done in New Orleans Saints’ colors with the NFL team’s logo. What else do you do to make your salon’s services stand out?

I’m always doing new things for every season or holiday. I’ve done green-glitter tips with shamrocks for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve done nails with school colors for when girls graduate high school. I’ve created an “autumn” glitter for nail tips that contains orange, red, and gold, which is very pretty and many of my clients love. My Valentine’s Day nails were just featured in this year’s April issue of NAILPRO magazine.

What do you love most about your job?

The clients! I’ve met many interesting people the eight years I’ve been in business. Without my awesome clientele I wouldn’t be able to do what I do best.

What are some of this fall’s hottest nail-polish shades? Are there any new trends you’re seeing in nail designs?

Dark shades are always a fall favorite. Dark browns, berry reds, and black are probably the top colors chosen by my clients in the fall. Nail appliqués are also huge right now, too, and fun.

What did you do for customer transactions before GoPayment? How is your life easier now that you have this tool?

Before I had GoPayment my clients would use the salon credit-card machine that the owner has for all of us booth renters. The owner would deduct those charges from our monthly rent. With GoPayment I can easily swipe my client’s card and not have to wait on that transaction until the end of the month like I would with the owner’s machine, plus she would charge us 4 percent per transaction, which is nearly double what GoPayment charges. This way is cheaper and faster.

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