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In 2008, Edgar Castillo started his own company, True Vision South, in Hammond, La. Today the business provides satellites for commercial clients in the greater Atlanta area, including hotels, offices, bars, restaurants, and fitness centers. True Vision South also sells and installs satellite dishes, signal splitters, remote controls, and related gear.

On a day-to-day basis, Castillo wears several hats. In addition to being a DirecTV and WildBlue Communications satellite-services dealer, he works as an energy consultant for Ignite, the marketing arm for Stream Energy, a retail energy provider. He is also partner at True Vision Communications, a satellite installation company based in the New York City area.

The GoPayment Blog recently spoke with Castillo about networking, mobile payments, and the perks of owning his own company.

GoPayment: Tell us how True Vision South got its start.

Castillo: Before starting my company, I had worked as a technician doing DirecTV installations. After working as a technician for awhile, I realized how easy it was and decided to branch into business for myself. Now as a DirecTV and WildBlue dealer, I can generate my own sales and installations.

True Vision South is independently owned and operated by me. At times, I reach out to other installers in other states, areas, or markets. So, between some former associates and myself, we try to generate sales to keep us all in business.

Has the networking helped?

Yes. I do installations for other companies related to DirecTV, and if someone calls me and needs a job done in a different state — like California — and is having a hard time getting a technician, I can help them find one in the area. I’m in a network of qualifying contractors who meet the standards and criteria needed to legally install satellite dishes. For instance, you need insurance, a license, and knowledge.

How do you use GoPayment?

I use GoPayment as a way for customers to pay for the services they’ve received. There are some customers who would rather not write a check, and some don’t carry checks at all.

What are the perks of running your own business?

I’m my own boss. In my line of business, you need to have quality control, and you have to make sure you’re doing the right thing at the right time. I do this, of course, but I enjoy working without having anyone looking over my shoulder all the time.

How do you juggle your different lines of work?

I like not being tied to the 9-to-5 schedule, where I’m doing the same thing every day. In my line of work, there are some things that I always do the same way, such as the technician work. But I’m also in the utility business, and help people save and learn about energy. So I get to do a variety of other things, and I really enjoy that.

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