GoPayment Frees Photographer to Capture the Moment

“Photography is about capturing the true emotion of the moment — and you can’t let anything interfere with that,” says Tiffany Glinski, who applies this principle both to her craft and to her Lakeville, Minn.-based business, Tiffany Lynn Photography.

The results are amazing, as shown here in a photograph that captures both children’s delight and a couple’s joy on their wedding day. The GoPayment Blog recently talked with Glinski about starting her own business, building relationships with her customers, and accepting mobile payments.

GP: How did you get started? What inspired you?

Glinski: My passion for photography runs deep. My mom always took my and my siblings’ school pictures, and I think that’s where my inspiration began. Then in 2004, my husband really pushed me to start my photography business. He has been a huge inspiration and my biggest fan. He also shoots weddings with me. So, in addition to his full-time job, he spends all his weekends working for me.

What draws people to Tiffany Lynn Photography? How do you find and keep your clients?

It’s a lot about connecting with people. Sure, we did and still do a lot of advertising in radio, TV, location signage, and social media. But really, I think my clients are happy because I spend a lot of time getting to know them, so that we really know each other by the time of the photo shoot.

To get the picture of the bridal couple and flower girls, you must have built a special relationship with everyone in the shot.

I love photographing children. To do it right, you have to spend a lot of time with them to get to know them.

Tell us about GoPayment. How do you use it, and how has it affected your business?

About two years ago, we got the first idea that we should accept credit cards. Very few photographers did at the time. Actually, very few do even now, so it became a bit of a competitive advantage. Anyway, we didn’t know how to go about accepting credit cards [or] how to do it in a convenient and cost-effective way. I don’t have a storefront, so I couldn’t lug a terminal around or anything. Even if I could, it would interfere with the flow of my customers and getting to know one another.

How did you choose GoPayment?

I’ve pretty much always had a smartphone, and we looked into what the options were [for using it to accept credit cards]. We came across Intuit. I started by punching in the number in the app, and now I have the card reader. It’s super easy. Clients love it, because I can shoot them an email or text as soon as the payment is run. I know immediately by the “ding” that it has run, and it’s secure.

It sounds as if this is another way of building a relationship.

It is. [My customer and I] can be at a wedding fair, or maybe talking as we walk through the wedding site itself, and we’ll reach this point in the conversation when we know we have a common inspiration for the wedding [shoot], and she’ll say, “Oh, let me pay you now.”

Not only does it not interfere with the customer relationship and conversation, but it is also another way we connect.

Is there anything else about GoPayment that helps you?

It’s super quick and easy. Swipe the card or enter the number, and pretty soon all I have to say to the customer about payment is, “You should have an email now.” There’s no paperwork associated with the charge itself. That makes it easier and “greener.”

It makes my customers’ day easier, because at every wedding someone is designated to run around with envelopes. [They] don’t have to do that with GoPayment.

And it lets me concentrate on capturing that moment.

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