Golf Pro Jeff Coston Steps Up his Game with Lessons in Downtown Seattle

As a lifelong golfer who played in the PGA, Jeff Coston is the all-time leading golf tournament winner in the history of the Pacific Northwest. Eighteen years ago he founded Jeff Coston Golf Academy in Blaine, Wash., where he coaches all ages in a renowned, heated facility that he built and maintains as part of the Semiahmoo Resort.

manhattan golfing (2)Coston recently partnered with Intuit GoPayment to bring his coaching skills to downtown Seattle by setting up a driving range not in a grassy meadow but in a major city street. Within a few hours, crowds gathered around the spectacle of green grass and netting being set up, only to find Coston giving Seattle residents tips on how to improve their swing. A helicopter also caught the action for the local evening news.

Jeff doesn’t normally give lessons inside of the city, let alone in the middle of downtown traffic. But GoPayment allowed him to take his business somewhere completely new, reaching customers (and sales) he would have otherwise missed. Coston learned how to grow his business and maximize sales by using GoPayment — for the first time — to accept credit cards right on his mobile phone.

To see the video of the pop-up driving range, check out Share the video and you could win $1,000 — or submit your own idea for a cool pop-up and be entered to win $10,000!

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