Entrepreneurial Mom Brings Luxury to Baby Bums Everywhere

When Bridget Moore was expecting her daughter, who’s now 16 months old, she knew she wanted to use cloth diapers to minimize her family’s carbon footprint. The former teacher learned everything there was to know about cloth diapers — and became a passionate advocate for their use. But she couldn’t find a store that sold them in the Phoenix area. So, she launched her own online store, BumLuxury.com, earlier this year.

GoPayment recently talked with Moore to discuss how she’s built a customer base, how she markets her business, and why she encourages people to shop locally.

GoPayment: How is the online market for cloth diapers?

Moore: It’s saturated. There are tons of stores selling cloth diapers online and chains sell them as well. I think a lot of new mothers opened up stores and didn’t realize how competitive and time-consuming they are to run. It’s very trendy, which is great as far as awareness for the movement, but I can’t compete on price. These are very low margin items.

How do you market yourself? 

I use whatever is free, like Facebook and Twitter and Yelp, plus some shopping sites. I have the Bum Luxury blog, where I have giveaway contests. I also network with a lot of “mommy bloggers”; you’d be surprised how many there are.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?

I can’t afford to compete on price, so I capitalize on my expertise: I provide excellent customer service and answer questions. My blog offers important information about the cloth diaper industry, and I am now offering seminars, classes, and parties in the Phoenix area.

New mothers have so many things to learn. It can be overwhelming to read about cloth diapers and all the different options if you can’t see and touch the products. I’m also expanding the range of products I sell by adding soaps, lotions, and other healthy items needed to care for babies.

Are most of your online customers local?

Right now, the majority are out of state. I hope that most of them will be local in the future. I think it’s important to shop locally and for everyone to promote small businesses. Two months ago, I began focusing on developing a local group of customers, and my business has really picked up. I’ve been doing trade shows and events as a vendor. Next month a bunch of vendors and I are going to have a Holiday Hop Shop, where a group of vendors will set up their shops on someone’s front lawn — they’ve been doing that around Phoenix. I love interacting with the customers and the other vendors. I would like to have a bricks-and-mortar store within a year.

How does GoPayment work for you?

It has worked well for me so far. Customers are impressed with my ability to accept credit cards, and everyone loves that it works on my phone.

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