Baby Zach’s All Grown Up

Zach Gultz isn’t just a CEO, he’s a Chief Hummus Innovator, and the man behind the brand at Baby Zach’s Hummus.

Starting off as a barbeque business, Zach changed gears when he entered his hummus in a local recipe contest and won “Best Overall.” What is unique about his hummus is that he smokes the garbanzo beans with real applewood smoke (no liquid smoke here!) and he creates interesting and delicious flavors like Smoked Thai Curry with Coconut Milk. 

The business is growing quickly – Zach got his hummus into Whole Foods Market within 10 months of launching, and he just bought a  5,000 square foot kitchen to scale up production.

Zach sells his hummus at local farmer’s markets, and he recently added GoPayment so he can take credit cards at his booth. We dropped by the market, and Zach showed us how it works.

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