Why You Should Integrate Mobile Payments and QuickBooks

QuickBooks has been helping small-business owners balance their books for a long time. But many users may be unaware that they can integrate GoPayment into the accounting software.

To shed some light on how these tools work together, the GoPayment Blog recently asked Michelle Long (pictured), founder of the Long for Success website and an Advanced Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, about the advantages of syncing the mobile-payment system with QuickBooks.

GoPayment: Why is QuickBooks such a valuable tool for small businesses?

Long: QuickBooks is a pretty powerful (yet affordable) accounting program for small businesses. You do not need to be an accountant or know debits or credits to enter transactions. You simply enter a check, invoice, or other transactions and QuickBooks makes the entries for you. There are lots of reports available to help you monitor how the business is doing, stay on top of accounts receivable, and more. That’s why QuickBooks is the #1 accounting program for small businesses!

What are some of the features that make QuickBooks unique in the business accounting software market?

The Company Snapshot includes 16 widgets with great charts, graphs, and reports that users can customize to create their own dashboard. Invoices for customers can include a link to pay you online with Intuit Payment Network.

How difficult or easy is it to integrate mobile payments into QuickBooks?

It is easy to sync payments received with Intuit GoPayment to QuickBooks. In QuickBooks, just click Get Online Payments and you can create a new invoice or apply it to an existing invoice. Customers who want to pay via credit card prefer mobile payments because it is more secure [than] writing down the credit card number or calling it into the office.

How can connecting a mobile-payment account to QuickBooks benefit a small-business owner?

Small businesses can save time and eliminate data-entry mistakes by simply downloading the payments received into QuickBooks.

How do you and your website help businesses with using QuickBooks?

I help small businesses with QuickBooks setup, training, troubleshooting, and customizing QuickBooks for their business. I have created a comprehensive (7.5 hours) QuickBooks training course (online videos or DVD), and a newly released QuickBooks practice set.

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