It’s True! We’ve said ‘Get Lost’ to Per Transaction Fees

As of May, we’re eliminating the Per Transaction Fee for Visa, MasterCard and Discover transactions–and putting more money back in your pocket!

It’s still the same great service, but with one less fee to pay. Users using GoPayment on its own (i.e., not using GoPayment along with processing inside of QuickBooks or on your website) will no longer see a fixed fee associated with any transaction.  Regardless of whether the trasnaction is swiped, key-entered or for a ‘non-qualified’ card type–the fixed fee is history!

This change will affect new customers as well as loyal GoPayment customers–no need to make any changes to your existing account.

For the time being, American Express transactions will continue to have a per transaction fee associated with them–but we’re continuing to work hard to make GoPayment as easy to use as possible! 

Visit for more information. 

Enjoy the extra moolah!…and happy selling!

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