Accept Any Kind of Payment: GoPayment Adds Check Recording

Our merchants love using GoPayment to accept credit cards, but what about those times when customers pay with a check?

Intuit recently asked our merchant customers about how they accept checks, and we heard some interesting comments. Most merchants said that they accept checks for larger amounts and use different methods to record the transactions, including paper receipts, spreadsheets, and notebooks. Nearly all merchants said that they’d like a better system, one that alleviates some of the work they must do in order to accept checks.

Our solution: GoPayment gives merchants an easy, mobile way to keep records of checks and send receipts to customers at the time of sale.

gopayment at work

To record a check in GoPayment, simply choose the Check option as the Payment Method, enter the check number and amount, and email the customer a receipt.

It’s a great way to keep your entire payment history in one place, making accounting easier than ever. You can try it out for yourself by downloading the GoPayment app today.

Update 8/29/2013: To clarify, simply update your GoPayment app and the check recording feature will automatically be added. Unfortunately, the new feature is not supported on BlackBerry devices.

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