4 Charities That Thrive With Mobile Payments Solutions

Once upon a time, many charities in the United States were limited in accepting donations at fundraising events: They could only collect money from people who carried cash or their checkbooks with them. Today, mobile payments enable donors to contribute on-the-spot using their credit cards.

Here are four charitable organizations that have thrived with the support of mobile payments.

1. Vitamin Angels This group distributes vitamins and similar nutrients to kids in developing countries worldwide. Over the past three years, Vitamin Angels has provided more than 100 million supplements to children in 40 nations. The group accepts mobile payments at charity events such as golf tournaments; the technology allows volunteers to process credit card payments instantly via smartphone or tablet rather than recording donor payment information and completing the transactions at a later time.

2. B.I.C. Bands — This charitable business’s mission is to assist those in need who are unable to help themselves. Founder Sandy Pearson donates a portion of her revenues to various charities, including Athletes Serving Athletes and Cookies for Kids’ Cancer. B.I.C. (“Because I Can”) Bands are washable, non-slip headbands that women can wear while exercising. Pearson says she loves GoPayment because it puts her on a level playing field with larger businesses without her going through the hassle of setting up a full-blown merchant account.

3.  Greater Atlanta Pentecostals Church — This church in Coweta County, Ga., has expanded its fund-raising efforts using GoPayment. Pastor Mark Herrington says that he uses mobile payments frequently when people want to donate to the church. Herrington says that GoPayment allows him to collect donations when he visits housebound individuals or when he’s just out in public. He calls the service convenient and easy to use.

4. Girl Scouts of America — Many troops that sell Girl Scout Cookies have embraced mobile payments as a simple solution to accepting credit cards. The scouts can process credit card transactions door-to-door, at the cookie stands they set up outside supermarkets, and at other sales events. As a result, Girl Scout troops from California to North Carolina have reported increases in cookie sales after adopting mobile payments.

Mobile payments can help nonprofit groups and charitable businesses of all kinds. Will yours be next?

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