Why an E-Receipt Is Better Than a Paper One

GoPayment’s mobile-payment system is generating a lot of buzz. One of the features that users frequently mention is its electronic-receipt capability. Once customers complete a credit card transaction with GoPayment, they can have an e-receipt emailed or texted to them instantly.

Are there advantages to using e-receipts instead of paper ones? Absolutely. Here are seven of the biggest benefits:

1. E-receipts are easier to sign. Think about it from a customer’s perspective: Would you rather flatten out a tiny paper receipt and try to write your name on a small line with a pen (that may or may not work), or use your finger (or a stylus) to sign your name on a wide touchscreen?

2. Digital files don’t tear, crumble, or crease. Paper receipts get shoved into pockets, crammed into purses, and stuffed into wallets, so it’s inevitable that many will get damaged or even destroyed. An e-receipt just sits in a digital inbox, waiting to be gently placed into an electronic file with a few mouse clicks or screen taps.

3. E-receipts always look the same. Don’t you hate those receipts that print off on the end of a roll of paper and have pink streaks on them? Or the ones with type that’s faded because of a near-empty ink cartridge on a checkout printer? So irritating. The text on e-receipts never fades, so they can be easily read whenever they need to be.

4. E-receipts are harder to lose. Barring a colossal power failure or hard drive meltdown, an e-receipt will remain in a computer’s or phone’s memory indefinitely. Paper receipts (like socks) always seem to get lost in a file, purse, or drawer — just when you need them the most.

5. You can add color logos without much effort. Unless you pay extra, the paper receipts you give customers only display your logo in black and white, if at all. But with GoPayment’s customization features, you can easily include a color image on your e-receipt for everyone to see.

6. Your internet links are clickable. Sure, many paper receipts have a company website or social media handle printed on them. But who wants to manually type this information into their browser? GoPayment e-receipts display these links and allow users to click on them to go directly to the pages in question.

7. E-coupons are more convenient than paper ones. Like receipts, paper coupons often get misplaced or torn, or people forget to bring them to the store where they can be redeemed. If you include a coupon on your GoPayment e-receipt, it can be stored on your customer’s phone for use at any time.

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