Where to Get a Custom iPad Cover for Your Business

Smart small-business owners do all they can to appear professional, so that they can compete with larger companies.

They do this in many different ways. For example, if they want to appeal to a broader customer base, they can begin accepting credit cards as payment for goods or services. If they want to position themselves on the leading edge of retail technology, they can create a mobile payments account and begin processing credit card payments on an iPad. And, if they want to demonstrate that they are a well-established company, they can add in a few subtle marketing messages.

On the lattermost front, we suggest getting a custom iPad cover made for your business’s mobile-payment device. Various vendors offer customized iPad covers for small businesses, including:

  • eCrater — This site, which acts as an online marketplace for buyers and sellers, offers personalized products of all kinds. PictureItStore lets you have the photo of your choice embedded in a hard plastic iPad cover that resists scratches and other marks. (Price: $29.99)
  • Photo Gifts Mall — This company’s plastic iPad covers use a water-transfer printing technology for more vivid image colors. The cover’s edges wrap around the iPad, and a portable folding tablet stand is included. (Price: $24.99)
  • Zazzle — This popular online shopping site offers not just an iPad cover but a water-resistant portfolio that can be personalized. Its two halves fold shut and are kept closed by an elastic strap. Inside, the suede interior lining features a document pocket; outside, the cover may be customized with the image of your choice. (Price: $55.95)
  • Cherished Memories Too — Instead of a single photo, why not go with a collage for your iPad cover? This site lets you select up to eight different photos and text to print onto a sturdy aluminum insert, which is then permanently fastened to an impact-resistant plastic iPad cover. (Price: $29.95)
  • Be Monogrammed — For a more corporate style, check out Be Monogrammed’s upscale offering (pictured). The black vinyl cover features a small metal plaque engraved with your business’s name or your initials. The case also folds out into a tablet stand. (Price: $39.99)

If you want to impress your customers, consider investing in a customized iPad cover. It’ll look great as you swipe credit cards through your GoPayment card reader every time you make a sale!

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