OneReceipt’s Sam Fine on the Evolution of E-Receipts

One of the most attractive features of using a mobile-payment system is the ability to issue electronic receipts. Instead of having to mess with pen and paper, you simply ask a customer for an email address, get a signature on the touchscreen on your mobile device (with a finger or a stylus), and send the receipt to his or her inbox.

As e-receipts become more popular, however, consumers are having to figure out efficient ways to manage them. Businesses like OneReceipt aim to help. For example, OneReceipt provides a free, user-friendly service that enables customers to store, access, and organize digital (and paper) receipts quickly and easily.

The GoPayment Blog recently sat down with OneReceipt co-founder Sam Fine to get his thoughts on the evolution of e-receipts.

GoPayment: What’s the concept behind your website?

Fine: OneReceipt is a faster and simpler way for people to organize their receipts and analyze their spending habits. OneReceipt works directly with Gmail, Google Apps, or Yahoo to understand e-receipts. Registration is quick and accounts get synced automatically.

For paper receipts, users need to take a picture with their phone and email it to their personal address. This data is presented to the user through an easily navigated interface. OneReceipt also provides tools like monthly spending reports and return alerts. The service acts as a post-purchase hub for consumers.

What kinds of problems do your services solve for consumers?

We give our users the ability to see all of their purchases in a single location — regardless of whether the purchase is completed online or in-store. With the direction of payments in general moving toward the digital sphere, we found the pain in finding e-receipts in our in-boxes. On top of that, paper receipts aren’t disappearing.

Will digital receipts eventually replace paper receipts?

We think the paper receipt will eventually disappear. But, for now, we will see a steady rise in e-receipts from bricks-and-mortar retailers. As more retailers adopt e-receipts, customers will become more accustomed to them, and this will make the switch to e-receipts [happen] faster.

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