No Swiper? No Problem. You Can Scan Cards on your iPhone or iPad with GoPayment!

There’s no question that our merchants love using mobile payments to drive sales, but what happens when you forget your card swiper at home or, even worse, break it on the go?

To ensure that our small business owners never miss a sale, Intuit is announcing the addition of card scanning to GoPayment, available today. Now GoPayment merchants can ring up a sale by scanning a credit card with their iPhone or iPad camera, eliminating the need to key in credit card numbers on a tiny screen.

Intuit first experimented with card scanning in January as a way to help small business owners process transactions and we received an overwhelming response, with users calling the feature “priceless.” Today, 1 in 6 GoPayment users have tried scanning a credit card, and that number continues to rise daily.

Card scanning works in two easy steps:
1) In the GoPayment app, simply select ‘Scan Card’ when taking a payment

2) Hold the card up in front of your phone’s camera and scan the card to complete the transaction.

GoPayment safely and securely captures the card’s information, encrypts the data and processes the payment. No card data is stored on your mobile device.

Please note that these transactions are charged at the card-not-present rate, starting at 2.75%.

To try card scanning for yourself, download the latest version of GoPayment from the App Store:

Please be sure to let us know what you think, and try it out today!

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