Mobile Payments for Boutique Business Owners

There are two types of retail small business owners in America. The first type is franchisees, who run small businesses with the benefit of a regional or national brand name (like Subway, Hallmark, or Jiffy Lube). The second type is independent business owners (also known as “boutique business” owners) who tend to have just one — or a few — storefronts that must carve a market niche on their own. Mobile payments can help them do just that.

A website called Retail Minded helps independent business owners deal with their challenges, operate more efficiently, and grow and flourish in an increasingly competitive marketplace. To see how mobile payments are assisting boutique business owners, we turned to Nicole Leinbach-Reyhle, the founder of Retail Minded, to get her thoughts.

How can mobile payments change the way that boutique businesses do business?

My favorite part about mobile payments is that they offer boutique businesses the chance to get out of their storefronts and into their communities. Whether it’s participating in local events like fairs or festivals, or partnering with like-minded businesses and bringing their product into a different store or location (even temporarily), mobile payments open up many opportunities for boutique businesses to reach new customers.

How can mobile payments be used in a boutique business?

Very simply, mobile payments allow boutique businesses — and any indie business — the opportunity to meet their customers at any time or place. As a business owner, you’re not tied into a retail store anymore, which gives you both freedom and flexibility in how you pursue your sales opportunities.

What are some boutique businesses saying about their mobile payments capabilities?

The retailers and wholesalers I speak with who use mobile payments absolutely love it — and quickly forget what it was like before mobile payments were an option. For those looking to get into retail for the first time, mobile payments seem to be the only way they go. In our fast-paced society, customers expect quick, flexible, and efficient services. Mobile payments deliver — no matter where you or your customers are.

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