Mobile Payments Can Take Public Speaking to the Next Level

Public speaking can be a lucrative gig. With this in mind, Bryan Caplovitz founded the company SpeakerMatch, which pairs organizations with emerging talent — speakers who are on their way up.

The GoPayment Blog recently chatted with Caplovitz about the public speaking industry and how mobile payments play a vital role in it.

GoPayment: What is SpeakerMatch all about?

Caplovitz: SpeakerMatch is the world’s largest speakers bureau. We cater to the emerging speaker market, which we define as speakers who earn less than $1,500 per speech and/or do not make a full-time living through earned speaking fees.

I started up the company in 2002, and it has grown to thousands of users. Our website is the highest-trafficked speakers bureau website in the world, according to

What are some of today’s hottest topics or forums?

Great question! While they follow the trends you might see on Google News, hot topics are not at all the most popular. By far, most meeting planners seek speakers who are motivational and inspirational in nature. They want a great entertainer. They are looking for someone who works for their particular audience.

Meeting planners can tell us all about the demographics of their audience (e.g., percentage male/female, job titles in attendance, age range) and the theme of their conference or event. They often have a suggested idea (e.g., “something about marketing” or “online security”). Just about everyone, however, mentions “motivational” and “inspirational” in their request.

Almost all planners will buy a great title and an energetic, entertaining speaker. They want someone who makes them look good.

What do many of today’s speakers talk about that wasn’t talked about five or 10 years ago?

I’d say social networking and entrepreneurship have seen the biggest growth in the past few years. The talks about social networking and how to use it for growing and building your business have skyrocketed. They did not exist at all 10 years ago.

Do many of your speakers use mobile payments?

Most speakers have something to sell on the back end of their talk, and a significant number sell at the back of the room. … I have heard anecdotally about many speakers processing mobile payments.

How can speakers simplify their jobs by using mobile payments?

Close to 100 percent of some speakers’ sales are made while they’re on the road. Processing payments on-site would eliminate the need to go back to the office (or their hotel room) to manually process credit card payments. They could save money by getting swiped-card rates. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that they could get money into their bank account sooner.

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