How Your Smartphone Can Save You from the Zombie Apocalypse

Intelligent questions about the zombie apocalypse start not with “if” but “when.” Because, although the living dead may not run amok among us today or tomorrow, the day will come. Those who survive won’t be lucky — they’ll be resourceful and mobile.

Here are five ways your smartphone can help you stay alive.

  1. more zombiesStart practicing now. Once you’ve come to terms with the inevitable arrival of zombies, prepare yourself for the onslaught. A wealth of smartphone games simulate various aspects of the apocalypse, so you can hone your paramilitary skills, train as a zombie chef, or raise the undead as pets. The possibilities, like zombies, are endless.
  2. Get in shape. Lose a few pounds of fat — instead of flesh. Start a running regimen. A plethora of smartphone apps can assist you with everything from mapping routes and timing to tracking progress and more. Check out Mashable’s recommendations and Zombies, Run! Once you’re fit, test your mettle at the coolest 5K race ever: a zombie-infested obstacle course.
  3. Connect with other survivors. When the apocalypse arrives, survivors must band together to battle the living dead; otherwise, all hope will be lost. Your smartphone will keep you connected via voice, email, text, IM, web — you name it. The disconnected will surely perish.
  4. Update your social media. Let’s face it: When zombies start ravaging the planet, you’re going to tweet it. You can’t tote around a laptop or sit behind a desk when you’re under siege. You’ll need a smartphone to post zombie pics to Facebook, check in at Foursquare locations (Jane Doe was at Morton’s — with The Undead and 4 others), and keep your LinkedIn resume fresh (John Doe has an updated profile [Experience]).
  5. When all else fails, strike back. If a zombie has you in its filthy grip, use your smartphone as a weapon. Bludgeon away as if your life depended on it — because it does. As a last-ditch effort, try jamming your smartphone into the zombie’s mouth when it moves in for the kill. Remember: Once bitten, you become one of them.

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