How to Reassure Your Customers Their Credit Card Information Is Secure

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Perception is reality,” implying that if you believe something, it may as well be true. But with mobile payments, that often isn’t the case.

The reality is that mobile credit card transactions are safe and secure. But the perception of many consumers is that this payment method is vulnerable to hacking or that security systems can be easily compromised. As a business owner, it is your duty to assuage your customers’ fears and explain to them why their credit card information is well-protected and how it is kept out of the reach of unscrupulous individuals.

Here are two big ways you can work to change customers’ perception regarding the security of your mobile payments transactions.

  • Inform them about the specific safety features provided by your mobile payments system - First, credit card data is encrypted three times when swiped through the credit card reader, making it nearly impossible to capture. Second, credit card data is never stored on your mobile device, so even if the device is lost, there’s nothing for a thief to abscond with. Finally, the electronic receipt you send to the customer only contains the last four digits of the credit card number.
  • Display your compliance with PCI standards - GoPayment keeps all of its security infrastructure in compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards [PDF]. You can demonstrate this by affixing a PCI sticker to your digital device, checkout counter, or store window. Customers will increasingly see these stickers, and they’ll increasingly give shoppers more peace of mind about your mobile payments system.

In addition, here are a few tips on how to further improve the security of your mobile payments system.

  • Password-protect your device - If you misplace your digital device or it’s stolen, unauthorized users won’t be able to access your GoPayment account if the device requires them to enter a password.
  • Authorize other users on your account - If other employees will be accepting mobile payments from customers, set up their own account instead of letting them use your account. Managing permissions this way gives you more control, and lets you quickly revoke access when an employee leaves.
  • Enable your geolocation feature - Most digital devices include GPS features. In conjunction with GoPayment, geolocation tracking engages when you process a GoPayment transaction and documents the physical location where the payment took place. This gives you a record of where all mobile payments transactions actually occurred, so you can easily pinpoint the location where unauthorized transactions may have occurred.

By employing these measures, you can work to enhance your customers’ perception of mobile payments and bring them closer to the reality that they are indeed safe and secure.

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