How Mobile Payments Can Help Your Event Planning Business

A good event planner is equal parts organizer, designer, visionary, traffic cop, and host(ess). In other words, event planners have to be able to perform many different functions smoothly and efficiently — often at a moment’s notice.

Whether your specialty is weddings, private parties, seminars, or all of the above, here are five ways that mobile payments can help you become more successful in your business.

1. Accept payments on-site. Mobile payments eliminate the need to access a phone line or an internet connection to process a credit card payment. You also won’t risk misplacing a credit card number that you’ve written down to process later. Just swipe the card through your smartphone reader to complete the transaction. It’s that simple.

2. Process extra charges immediately. Invariably, a client will want to purchase more of something during an event. Or perhaps the party is running long and the client wants you to stay an extra hour or two. Either of these situations can be easily accommodated with a client’s credit card and your mobile-payment device.

3. Give yourself freedom to move around. Want to take payment for a wedding cake in your tasting room instead of at your front counter? Or let your client pick out supplies or rental equipment at your warehouse or storage space? Mobile-payment devices enable these types of transactions.

4. Sell merchandise. Events such as political rallies, conferences, and trade shows often have a merchandise or souvenir sales component. Equipping yourself or an employee with a mobile-payment device can streamline the purchasing process for attendees who want to buy a T-shirt, a DVD, or a book at the event.

5. Send custom, electronic receipts. Mobile payments give you the ability to email receipts to clients instead of messing with paper slips or invoices. These e-receipts can be customized with your business logo, emergency phone number, and other important information.

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