How Mobile Marketing Can Help Your Business

As a small-business owner, you need a solid marketing plan to drive revenues. But traditional advertising channels like major newspapers and TV networks can cost a bundle and fail to deliver the results you’d expect.

The good news: Your target audience may respond better to less expensive, more innovative approaches like mobile marketing.

Here are some suggestions for using mobile marketing in your business.

  • Send texts. Other than face-to-face conversations, text messages are one of the quickest forms of communication. If you have a message that demands immediate attention, consider adding texting to your mobile marketing strategy. Use text messages to tout “today only” deals, send payment reminders, or offer important tips.
  • Use geolocation. Most smartphones are equipped with geolocation software that transmits the exact location of a device at any given moment. After encouraging consumers to opt in to your marketing messages, set up your system to send out texts whenever mobile phone users are physically near your location — even if your business location changes frequently.
  • “Mobilize” your existing website. Configure your company’s website so that it is easy to use on mobile devices. This allows potential customers on the go to navigate your pages via smartphone or tablet PC. (Don’t send them to a competitor by making them scroll through pages and enlarge text to view your information.)
  • Create a new mobile website. If you don’t already have a website for your business, services like Telnames allow you to build a mobile site in minutes. Telnames formats your content specifically for mobile devices (instead of desktop computers) and uses a “.tel” domain. Include a customized logo, videos, social media links, and introductory offers in addition to your business’s name and contact information.
  • Build a mobile app. Mobile device users love digital apps, so why not create one to promote your business? Companies like ShoutEm can assist you in doing this. Examples: If you paint houses, consider offering a custom calculator that helps customers determine how much paint to buy to spruce up their homes. If you’re an insurance agent, set up an app that sends consumers quotes on the products you sell.
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