How Many Users Can I Have on My GoPayment Account?

One of the biggest advantages of using a mobile-payment system is that it frees you from being chained to a checkout stand or a desktop computer to ring up sales.

With GoPayment, you no longer have to be near a cash register or a computer with a land line or an internet connection to process credit card transactions. Your digital device (a smartphone or a tablet) and the GoPayment card reader are all you need to accept plastic as payment for goods or services.

But that’s not all. GoPayment offers you even more flexibility: You can share your account with colleagues and employees, so that they can process mobile payments, too.

Multiple Users

If you have multiple people processing transactions, GoPayment gives you the option of adding an unlimited number of users on your account. This allows them to use their personal smartphones or tablet computers (or digital devices owned by your business) to accept credit card payments without creating separate GoPayment accounts.

To add users, sign in to your GoPayment account and click the Invite User button. Enter the person’s first and last name, email address, and GoPayment role (which designates how much access the individual has to your overall account; see below).

Once you submit this information, the new user will receive a link to GoPayment’s login page in his or her email account. Clicking on this link will allow him or her to sign in and begin processing payments.

There are four possible roles for each of your new users:

  • Associates and Assistant Managers can process payments.
  • Managers can process payments, plus perform other functions, such as edit product categories, alter store settings, and process refunds.
  • The Admin can handle all of the tasks above, plus add or remove users and change the account’s funding options.

Multiple Card Readers

You can provide additional users with their own card readers, too. In fact, every GoPayment account holder is eligible for up to three free card readers upon request.

If you need four or more, contact Intuit’s sales support team (at 800-601-3751) to order additional units for $19.95 each; there are discounts available for bulk purchases. Each reader must be configured to work with the user’s digital device before he or she can start swiping credit cards.

Multiple users and/or card readers can come in handy if you want to have a business partner accept mobile payments, equip store employees with digital devices, or provide volunteers with a way to collect donations at a charity event.

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