GoPayment Update Offers Improved User Experience

A new GoPayment update for iOS, version 5.0.0, is now available in the iTunes app store. (An Android version will be available soon.)

This major update includes a brand-new look and feel, as well as several highly requested features, including discounting, cash transactions, syncing across devices and users, item categories, user roles and permissions, and customization tools for your app.

More ways to get paid

Now you can use GoPayment to record cash transactions and send your customer a receipt. Cash transactions appear along with credit card transaction in your history.

When creating an order, you can add a discount to the order – either as a percentage or a dollar amount.

Personalize your app and make GoPayment your own

Now you can customize the look of your GoPayment app with your logo, your business name, and  a choice of background skins.

All of the email receipt customization that you previously had to go to to do is now available in the mobile app. Include your logo, customize a receipt message, and add links to your Twitter, Facebook or Yelp web pages.

Improved business and items management

Previously you could only see your last 25 transactions and had to go to to see the rest of them. Now GoPayment customers can see their full GoPayment transaction history right on their phone.

Also, GoPayment now syncs the Items list for a company and enables any user on this account or any device using this account to see the same list of items. Previously, items created in GoPayment were stuck on the device and not shareable.

Since our customers often use multiple devices (an iPhone on the road, an iPad when working at events), now you can see and edit your items once – and share those item updates with everyone who works for you.

And, Intuit has added several new features to make it easier to use and manage the Items list, including Categories, a Favorites list, and Search.

Expanded roles and permissions

Now when you create a GoPayment user on your account from, you control whether they have access to editing Items or editing several app settings – like your tax rate, or email receipt customization.

Even with these upgrades, GoPayment continues to be simple to use! If all you want to do is swipe a credit card, just tap in the amount and get paid.

Updated 12/6/2012. As of March 27, 2013, these capabilities are now available in both the iOS and Android GoPayment apps.

About Mary Lunneborg

Mary Lunneborg is a senior product manager for GoPayment, and is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for small business to get paid – and prosper. Mary lives in San Francisco, and enjoys hiking the city’s hills and hidden neighborhood stairways with her husband and two kids.
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