GoPayment Makes Phone Orders Easy

GoPayment makes it easy for small-business owners to process credit card payments on the spot. The innovative system lets anyone connect a credit card reader to a smartphone, swipe a card, authenticate and process the transaction, and email a receipt to the customer.

Of course, many companies — florists, caterers, and takeout restaurants to name a few — also need to take orders over the phone. Can GoPayment process transactions when a merchant doesn’t have a customer’s credit card in hand to swipe through the card reader? Absolutely. The customer simply needs to provide his or her credit card information verbally.

GoPayment allows merchants to key in the credit card number, expiration date, and card verification code into the standard smartphone app. The system then processes the transaction as if the actual card has been swiped through the reader.

Other Benefits

Many point-of-sale credit card processing systems use one device for swiping credit cards and another for keying in credit card numbers from phone-in orders. GoPayment requires only a smartphone with the GoPayment reader to process either type of transaction; no additional terminals, keypads, or computers are needed.

The best part: GoPayment is easy enough for any employee to use. The user-friendly processing software allows anyone to quickly learn how to swipe a credit card or key in its information manually. Small-business owners won’t have to concern themselves with hardware manuals or lengthy employee training sessions.

If your business relies on phone orders, give yourself the flexibility to key in credit card numbers by hand. Contact GoPayment today for more information.

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