From Discover to American Express: Should You Accept All Cards?

GoPayment can help your business by giving it the ability to accept credit card payments. Anywhere, anytime, with just a smartphone or tablet computer. Without the need for any bulky equipment, a landline, or even a power outlet.

GoPayment also gives you the capability of processing transactions using different brands of credit cards. Which begs the question: Which cards will you choose to accept?

Credit Card Options

Visa boasts the most credit cards in circulation today. MasterCard promotes its “priceless” benefits. American Express advertises personal service anytime. And Discover is all about giving cash back to its customers. So which one is best for your business?

While the answer for every business is different, there’s no real drawback to accepting all four of these credit cards. While other merchant processing services charge different transaction fees and discount rates depending on the card, the brand of credit card doesn’t factor into GoPayment’s transaction fees.

In other words, it’s completely up to you as a business owner to determine the type of customers you are targeting, as well as the kind of consumers that each credit card brand is aimed at — and then see which card or cards is the best fit for you. (In addition, you can contact a GoPayment specialist to obtain window or table signage for the brands of credit cards you’ll be accepting so your customers will know how to pay for your products or services.)

One factor you may wish to consider is the types of cards within each brand that your customers are likely to use, because they can affect your GoPayment swipe rate. For example, if you notice customers using an American Express corporate card or some types of Visa rewards cards, their payments are considered to be non-qualified transactions, which will cost you more per swipe than qualified transactions.

How to Choose Your Accepted Credit Cards

GoPayment makes it easy to select which credit cards you want your business to accept. Just sign in to the Intuit Merchant Service Center with your username and password, click on Account, then select Account Profile. The Payment Methods are displayed below your account number. Choose which cards you want to accept and save the information to your profile

GoPayment is happy to answer any questions about which credit cards you can accept. So feel free to contact us today!

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