Can You Really Accept Mobile Payments for Free?

You may have heard about mobile payments via a website, a magazine, or a fellow business owner (perhaps one of your competitors!). You may also have a pretty good idea about what you can do with the emerging technology. And you may be wondering how much it’s going to set you back to get started.

The good news: You can begin accepting mobile payments for free. That is, if you sign up with GoPayment.

Here’s the scoop:

  • There is no costly equipment to buy. If you own a smartphone or a tablet computer, then you’ve already made all of the hardware purchases you’ll need to accept mobile payments. You don’t have to pay for a swipe terminal, a code scanner, a checkout machine, or any other equipment.
  • The card reader is free. After you open a GoPayment account, you will be mailed a special card reader. This card reader plugs into the headphone jack of your mobile device. You use it swipe customer credit cards and process transactions.
  • The mobile app is free. You may download the GoPayment software (like many other apps) onto your smartphone or tablet for no charge.
  • There are no monthly fees. Traditional credit-card processing companies may charge you gateway and levy statement fees or require monthly minimum revenues. GoPayment does not.
  • There are no break-contract fees (because there is no contract). You don’t have to commit to using GoPayment for any set period of time. You may cancel whenever you’d like, without paying any sort of early-exit fee or contract penalty.
  • There are no “per transaction” fees. GoPayment collects a small percentage of each transaction amount in exchange for using its software and processing network. But you’ll never pay an additional fee just for making a transaction. In other words, you’ll be charged the same amount whether you process a single $500 payment or ten $50 payments. And if you don’t process any credit card payments in a given week, month, or year, you pay nothing.

The bottom line? Partnering with GoPayment is risk-free. Set up an account today!

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