Are My Mobile Transactions Really Secure?

You’re a smart business owner, so you recognize the importance of protecting the privacy of your customers. That means taking steps such as not sharing customer addresses and contact information with third parties (without getting the proper consent) and safekeeping checking account numbers so they can’t be stolen and used in fraudulent activities.

You also need to assure your customers that their credit card transactions are secure. But can you make that promise in the case of mobile payments? With GoPayment, you can.

Since the introduction of credit cards in the mid-20th century, financial institutions have been improving and perfecting their security protocols. They’ve advanced the use of data encryption and user authentication to improve the security of credit card transactions.

How GoPayment Protects Merchants, Consumers

GoPayment’s infrastructure and servers comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. The system’s end-to-end approach to security provides dependable protection throughout the entire payment process: It begins when you swipe a customer’s credit card through the GoPayment card reader. The data on the card is encrypted using Triple DES technology, which means that the credit card number itself is never stored on your mobile device. This prevents the theft of any customer information if a merchant’s mobile device is lost or stolen.

In addition, the connection over which the data is transmitted to the financial institution is shielded by another layer of security. The application uses 128-bit encryption over a Secure Sockets Layer connection, which resembles the level of protection used by the online banking industry.

The GoPayment system also helps customers safeguard their secure data. Merchants can require a signature from the customer (using a finger on a touchscreen) to authenticate any transaction. Also, the credit card number is redacted on the customer’s electronic receipt, just as it typically is on a standard credit card receipt.

Don’t let security concerns prevent you from availing your business of the advantages of mobile payments.

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