All About the NEW GoPayment App for iPad


The new GoPayment iPad App is here and it’s going to make credit card sales even more of a breeze for all you iPad/iPad2 users out there!

Using GoPayment on an iPad has always been possible, including the ability to swipe credit cards using the free Intuit credit card reader.   The new app, however, provides an iPad optimized view as well as couple added new features including:


Ability to add photos to your “Items” list

You’ve always been able to create a list of priced items for easy check out through GoPayment on the iPhone/iPad.  Now, on the iPad, you can opt to add a photo for each item (up to 100), allowing you distinguish items from one another to rign up sales quickly.

iPad Items List

We’ve also added search functionality, for finding items in a long list even faster. 

Items and their photos will appear on the left hand side of your screen.  Simply tap the items you are selling and watch them instantly get placed into the order summary viewable on the right hand side.

As you add items,  GoPayment automatically calculates the total so you know exactly how much to charge. iPad History



Easy to view History 

The History layout on the new iPad app makes it simple to quickly view more about your transactions, including specific items purchased, all on one page. 


Simply locate the transaction you wish to view, and the screen will expand to reveal the details of the purchase and allow you to send receipts, add the customer to your contacts, or void the charge. 

Click the image to the left to enlarge.



Of course you can still can capture signatures right on the iPad by having your customer sign with their finger. Always great for illiciting that “Wow…did I just sign for that?!” reaction!


We hope you like the new app. Stay tuned for more GoPayment product announcements and updates!

Comments?  Questions?  Leave us a note below…

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