7 Ways Mobile Payments Can Help Your Photography Business

A good photographer does more than aim a camera and push a button. He or she must have the organizational skills to bring everything that is needed to create the perfect photograph to a remote location, the adaptability to adjust to changing lighting conditions, and the patience to deal with fussy infants or high-maintenance mothers-of-the-bride.

He also has to figure out how to make money doing all of this. Here’s how mobile payments can help your photography business grow and prosper.

1)      You can collect money at the shoot. Many photographers ask for a deposit when booking a shoot, and they can usually process that credit card payment in a traditional manner. But with GoPayment, once the photos have been taken, you can obtain the remaining balance on the spot with your smartphone and a card reader.

2)      You can collect payments where you view proofs. Perhaps you like to bring proofs of the photos you took to the customer’s home or business to review them. That’s a nice personal touch. But it’s even better when customers can choose the pictures they want and pay for them on the spot with your mobile payments device.

3)      Set up on-site, portrait payment processing. If you’re working a walk-up photo or portrait job (like taking pictures with Santa or vanity shots of people sitting in a Lamborghini), you can have an assistant take the orders, print photographs from your computer, and process payments with a mobile payments device while you do the shooting.

4)      Make money at festivals and fairs. If you have a large collection of existing photos that you want to sell, a craft fair or festival is a great place to do it. Mobile payments systems are fast becoming the method of choice for anyone who sells their wares at a remote location.

5)      Have easy access to buyer history. Sometimes, you might have a repeat customer ask you, “Did I already order three 5x7s of my grandson’s photo?” With mobile payments, you can pull up your customer’s payment history in seconds and answer, “No, you only paid for two. Would you like another?”

6)      Create customized e-receipts. You don’t have to bother with paper credit slips or handwritten invoices anymore. Mobile payments devices let you e-mail a receipt to the customer with your contact information, website, and other pertinent data, so they can easily reach you the next time they want photos taken.

7)      Turn impulses into sales. Maybe you have mentioned your line of work to a stranger and received a response like, “Oh, I really need to get our family picture taken.” Next time, just whip out smartphone and card reader and say, “I can help you with that. Put down a deposit now and tell me where to be and when to be there.”

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