6 Ways to Customize Your Mobile-Payment Receipts

There are myriad perks to accepting mobile payments, such as offering your customers greater convenience and saving money on transaction fees. One lesser-known benefit of using a system like GoPayment is the ability to customize your electronic receipts. In doing so, you can include information that may benefit your business.

Here are six ways to customize your mobile-payment receipts:

1. Add your contact information. Including a phone number and/or an email address on your e-receipts enables your customers to provide feedback about their purchases and overall experiences. A single click on your email address (or, with many smartphones, your phone number) will enable buyers to contact you easily and directly.

2. Flaunt your company logo. Your marketing strategy may call for sharing the company’s logo as much as possible. Adding it to your e-receipts helps to accomplish this goal.

3. List policies and disclaimers. Unlike paper receipts, e-receipts have few size limitations for text. This enables you to include your return, refund, and exchange policies, as well as any disclaimers that your lawyer may advise you to display.

4. Print a custom message. This could be a slogan or a tagline (“Your first choice in emergency windshield repair”), a holiday greeting (“Merry Christmas from Smith & Co.”), an inspirational quote (“Never never never give up!”), or a call to action (“Buy before Jan. 31 and save!”).

5. Provide a coupon or discount. This can be as simple as including text (“Bring this receipt with you during your next visit and receive ____.”) or could involve printing an actual paper coupon (“20 percent off your next order with this coupon”). Either way, offering a deal can help you to encourage repeat business.

6. Offer web links. Ask customers to visit your company’s website and to connect with your business on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. You could couple this request with additional discounts and marketing activities.

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