6 of America’s Most Innovative Food Trucks

The local taco truck has lots of competition these days. Newer, tech-savvy food purveyors are rolling into town — and offering gourmet, on-the-go culinary creations that are just as good, if not better, than those of sit-down restaurants. In case you haven’t already heard of them via Twitter, Facebook, or Foursquare, allow us to introduce you to six of America’s most innovative food truck vendors.

  1. food trucksNom Nom Truck, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The bright green Nom Nom Truck serves up fresh, hot Vietnamese chow like bahn mi sandwiches and “tacos” filled with lemongrass chicken or grilled pork. The founders, UCLA grads Jennifer Greene and Misa Chien, started the business in 2009 in LA, and have since expanded operations to San Francisco. Fresh, simple Vietnamese food is in high demand: The pair expects to bring in $1.2 million in revenue this year.
  2. Yalla Truck, Los Angeles. Yalla Truck brings a twist to traditional Mediterranean falafels, with dishes like Southwest falafel sandwiches dressed with chipotle sauce, or the “O.G.” falafel, featuring tahini and pickled turnips. All dishes are vegetarian or vegan.
  3. Sugar Philly Truck, Philadelphia. Although Sugar Truck’s confections — vanilla creme brulee, molten chocolate cake, and more — are baked in a separate kitchen each morning, they’re served up hot all day in locations throughout Philadelphia. Don’t miss the business’s twist on pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving: pumpkin custard with candied pecans and toasted marshmallows.
  4. Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, New York City. New Yorkers line up for homemade ice cream flavors, such as red currant, hazelnut, and peppermint chip, served in organic cones. The trucks also sell hot espresso drinks to keep business booming during the chilly months of the year.
  5. Eat Wonky, Washington, D.C. Famous for bringing the Quebecois specialty poutine (fries topped with cheese and gravy) to the streets of D.C., Eat Wonky also serves up Wonky Dogs (poutine-style hot dogs), grilled cheese sandwiches, and fresh-baked whoopie pies.
  6. The Buttermilk Truck, Los Angeles. This diner on wheels features tasty breakfast confections that don’t require a knife and fork, such as buttermilk pancake bites and cinnamon French toast sticks. When you’re hungry for a snack after an evening at the bar, the late-night menu includes the classic fried chicken with homemade waffles.

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