5 Ways to Future-Proof Your Business by Adopting Mobile Payments Now

It’s imperative for business owners to keep up with the latest technologies. Otherwise, they may end up clinging to obsolete business practices while the rest of the world has passed them by, like the stereotypical corner store that charges extra for using credit cards, and doesn’t stay open on weekends.

That’s yet another reason to adopt mobile payments: To ensure that 21st century technology doesn’t pass you by. Think of it as “future-proofing” your business. Here are five ways that GoPayment will help you stay ahead of changing business trends.

  1. Hyperpersonalization: That’s a fancy word for the capability of targeting your marketing practices to individual customers rather than large groups. Many companies are already doing it. With the ability to see customers’ purchase histories using GoPayment software, you’ve taken the initial step on the road to hyperpersonalization.
  2. Electronic signatures: Have you noticed how many more franchises are adopting digital signature pads for credit cards? Written signatures on paper receipts are fast becoming a thing of the past. It’s a good thing that GoPayment utilizes touch-screen technology to let customers sign for their transactions using a finger or a stylus.
  1. The end of credit card processing equipment: It can be costly for a small business owner to buy or lease credit card swipe terminals and pay for access to electronic merchant services networks. With GoPayment, all you need is a wireless connection or cell phone signal, a smartphone or tablet computer, and a plug-in card reader. Nothing else.
  2. The end of cash registers: Like credit card processing equipment, bulky and pricey cash registers are becoming obsolete. Since digital devices can be used to calculate purchase amounts, compute tax, and issue electronic receipts, all you need is GoPayment for credit card transactions, and a manual currency drawer (or bank bag) for cash transactions.
  3. A cashless society? Depending on who you ask, a society where electronic payments are the norm — and hard currency is obsolete — is either right around the corner, or nowhere in sight. But with mobile payments, you’ve at least got a foot in the door that leads to a fully virtual economy.

It’s easy to get started with mobile payments using GoPayment; click here to learn more.


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