5 Types of Fundraisers That Can Benefit from Mobile Payments

One of the big challenges of nonprofit fundraising is catching potential donors when they have “disposable” income available to give. If you accept credit cards, however, donors don’t need to worry about having cash on hand or money in their checking accounts. They can contribute now and pay later.

Here are five types of fundraising efforts that can benefit from mobile payments.

1. Community Events — Imagine how much more efficiently bake sales and car washes would run if mobile-payment devices were used: No more volunteers counting out (or trying to find) change and hand-writing receipts on paper! Donations can be collected with a quick swipe of a credit card through a card reader, followed by a signature on a smartphone or tablet touchscreen. Receipts can then be emailed to each donor.

2. Scouting — The Girl Scouts of Northern Ohio partnered with GoPayment to collect revenue from cookie sales using mobile-payment devices. Cookie sales increased an average of 13 percent per troop! (Boy Scouts have also accepted mobile payments during their annual popcorn drives.)

3. Silent Auctions — Generally speaking, silent auctions command higher prices (i.e., bigger donations) than traditional raffles. Donors are likely to spend even more if they can use a credit card. You can accommodate them by accepting mobile payments, which should also speed up the process of collecting the winning bids and distributing goods at the end of the auction.

4. Sales Proceeds — Many businesses give all or part of the proceeds from certain product sales to charitable causes. Sandy Pearson did exactly that with her B.I.C. (Because I Can) Bands, raising thousands of dollars for numerous charities, from Cookies for Kids’ Cancer to Athletes Serving Athletes. Pearson credits GoPayment for helping her to compete with “the big dogs” when her business was new.

5. Political Fundraisers — The 2012 U.S. presidential election was a coming-out party of sorts for mobile payments: President Barack Obama’s campaign used the technology to collect donations. Instead of writing down credit card numbers to process later, staff and volunteers swiped donors’ credit cards into mobile card readers — and the contributions were instantly registered.

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