5 Tips for Mobile Marketing That Works

Many businesses are engaging in mobile marketing, or the process of reaching out to current and potential customers through their smartphones or tablet computers. There are plenty of ways to embrace mobile marketing – but how many of these techniques actually produce results? Here are five simple tips on developing a mobile marketing campaign that works.

  1. Choose your target audience carefully. Just like any marketing campaign, you need to define the audience you are trying to reach. More importantly, you must figure out how and when (or if) this audience uses mobile phones or tablets; otherwise, no one will see your messages or ads. As an example, touting student discounts during spring break probably won’t get you the best return on investment; on the other hand, you may want to advertise more during back-to-school season.
  2. Partner with established mobile sites - You don’t necessarily have to create a mobile marketing presence from scratch. There are plenty of sites that can help you with your campaign. For instance, OpenTable can allow diners to book reservations at your eatery; and Yelp lets you create an online listing with photos, promotions, and other information. Use existing tools, rather than creating your own.
  3. Embrace social media - Mobile users love interacting on social media, so try to integrate these sites into your campaigns. For example, offer a discount to someone who Likes your business on Facebook, send out a “today only” offer on Twitter, or ask people to post an answer to an open-ended question (like “Which celebrity would you want to see you walking out of West Side Hair Salon after a complete makeover?”) directly on your mobile web site.
  4. Target your promotion - You’re most likely to see results from targeted mobile campaigns rather than by taking a scattershot approach. Instead of relying on generic messages or offers run 24 hours a day, try to pinpoint your promotions to improve slow-traffic times at your business – or foster a sense of urgency by offering an item or discount “while supplies last.”
  5. Keep it simple - Remember that many mobile users are still bandwidth-constrained, with different screen sizes, different devices, and different levels of proficiency. The simpler you can keep your mobile promotions, the more new customers you’re likely to attract.
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