5 Small-Business Credit Card Problems — Solved!

Advanced technology is fantastic, particularly when it fills a customer need, expedites a routine process, or resolves an ongoing issue. Mobile-payment services can do all three.

Here’s how GoPayment solves five problems that small businesses have been dealing with for years.

Problem #1: Completing credit card transactions without buying or leasing expensive equipment.

Solution: The GoPayment app turns almost any smartphone or tablet computer into a credit card processing machine. Just sign up for a GoPayment account and download the free app, and you can begin accepting credit card payments. You don’t even need a dedicated land line or AC power source; just a charged mobile device and a Wi-Fi connection or 3G cellular service.

Problem #2: Computing sales tax.

Solution: In the past, you had to program each cash register to calculate the proper sales tax, depending on the store’s physical location. With GoPayment, your mobile device’s built-in geolocation technology automatically determines where a transaction is taking place and how much sales tax to add to each purchase amount.

Problem #3: Dealing with the hassles of paper credit card slips.

Solution: Forget pen and paper. With GoPayment, customers sign with their finger on your digital device’s touchscreen. You send the receipts to customers via email.

Problem #4: Transferring your transactions into your bookkeeping software.

Solution: Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to type each credit card transaction into your accounting software? QuickBooks eliminates that time-consuming step by allowing you to sync your GoPayment account with your back office. All mobile transactions are automatically entered into your financial books.

Problem #5: Being able to follow up with customers after they’ve made a purchase.

Solution: Businesses don’t grow if they have a lot of “one and done” customers. As part of the e-receipt process (see Problem #3), you can ask for each customer’s email address. You can use it again later to send a thank-you note, notify the customer of an upcoming sale, or suggest similar products that he or she may wish to purchase. As a result, your repeat business can grow … and so can your company.

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