5 Industries That Can Benefit from GoPayment

We’ve written about how mobile-payment systems can streamline credit-card processing at bricks-and-mortar retail stores. But many entrepreneurs work from other types of locations. GoPayment can play an integral role in how they do business, too.

Here are five industries that can benefit from GoPayment.

1. Consulting Services — Consultants’ areas of expertise are as variable as their backgrounds, but they can all use GoPayment to their advantage. Instead of computing the number of hours worked and invoicing clients every month, consultants can work on a “pay as you go” basis and let clients pay with a credit card as soon as services are rendered. What’s more, GoPayment’s buyer-history feature can show consultants how much work they’ve performed for a particular client.

2. Weekend Merchants — Some people who hold regular 9-to-5 jobs also like to sell crafts, collectibles, or art in their spare time. Customers at craft fairs, festivals, and flea markets tend to spend more when they can pay with a credit card. So, GoPayment can help weekend merchants boost their sales totals no matter where they’re selling.

3. Event Planners — Event planners often travel to meet their clients, so they shouldn’t be tethered to a desktop computer or a landline to process credit card payments. With GoPayment, event planners can accept deposits at clients’ homes or offices. When an event is completed, they can swipe a client’s credit card on-site to charge the remaining balance — and add any overtime charges or extra supply costs.

4. Photographers — Like event planners, most photographers work at remote locations. GoPayment allows these professionals to swipe a customer’s credit card anywhere, from a pop-up portrait studio to a wedding reception. Most importantly, when they go to clients’ homes or offices to show and select proofs, photographers can process credit card payments for orders on the spot.

5. Fundraisers — Most fundraising groups accept credit-card donations online but still take cash and checks at events. Now they can use GoPayment to accept credit cards at a fixed location or when canvassing or selling door-to-door. Whether it’s cookies, car washes, or political agendas they’re pushing, mobile payments make collecting easier. Plus, an electronic receipt can be sent to the donor, so he or she has a record of the contribution when tax season rolls around.

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