5 Fast Facts About Your iPad Credit Card Reader

GoPayment’s mobile payments platform can help anyone accept credit card payments through their iPad. The process takes just a few seconds: simply swipe a credit card through the specially-designed card reader and you’re done. And speaking of this card reader, did you know that…

1)      It’s smaller than a credit card? That’s right. The card reader itself has less surface area than the credit cards it will process. All you have to do is swipe the magnetic stripe of the card through the reader in order to process the transaction. You don’t have to worry about hauling around bulky equipment to process mobile payments.

2)      It fits into the audio jack? You know the port on your iPad where you plug your earbuds in? That’s where the credit card reader attaches. There’s no adapter needed (although you can use an extension cable if you have an iPad case which prevents the card reader from plugging in snugly).

3)      It transmits data using audio signals? The card reader reads the data from the magnetic stripe of the credit card, converts it into an audio signal, and sends it via the iPad’s microphone to the GoPayment software, which approves the transaction.

4)      It’s super-secure? The card reader employs Triple Data Encryption Standard technology to encrypt the credit card data so it cannot be captured by scanners or other hacking devices. Also, the credit card data itself is never stored on your iPad, so unscrupulous individuals can’t snatch your tablet and use the information to commit credit card fraud.

5)      It’s free? Not only do you receive the free credit card reader once you establish a GoPayment account, but you can request two additional readers at no additional cost, if you need them. This is ideal for businesses which want to give more than one person the ability to process mobile payments with an iPad.

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