5 Creative Marketing Ideas Using Mobile Payments

Yes, mobile payments speed up transactions and make purchasing more convenient for your customers. But these systems can do more than just give people another way to pay: They give merchants targeted marketing opportunities that aren’t available through traditional channels.

Here are five creative marketing ideas:

1) Digital coupons: Make customers who use mobile payments feel as if they’re in an exclusive club. Send them smartphone coupons and offers that only they can use. For example, send them a text message telling them that purchasers will receive an extra 20 percent off any item in your store that day. They might just drop everything and head for your shop.

2) Effortless loyalty programs: Even deal-lovers hate having to lug around various discount or rewards cards. Many mobile payment systems let them keep track of those loyalty programs, including yours, right on their smartphones. What’s more, every applicable transaction is automatically applied to their loyalty account, so they never have to remember to pull out a card when making a purchase.

3) Location-based promotions: Most smartphones are GPS-enabled, so why not use this to your advantage? Through your mobile payment system, set up an alert program that sends a special reminder (or deal) to a customer’s smartphone whenever it detects that he or she is close to your store.

4) Integration with your mobile app: If your business has an app for mobile phones (or you’re thinking about adding one in the future), then your mobile payments program can dovetail with your app. As a result, your store app will have more functionality for the user, and it will help customers get into the habit of using the app for other purposes.

5) Interactive promotions: The options here abound. One example: Send a message to your mobile payments customers that there is a special QR code somewhere in your store that can earn them a major discount or a free prize. Give them a few hints and encourage them to come in and find the hidden code to drive traffic to your store.

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