4 Companies That Do Mobile Payments Right (and What You Can Learn From Them)

From cookies to computers, mobile payments can help you reach more customers. Not only that, the technology lets you customize your marketing efforts to create a strategy that’s uniquely yours.

Four of the nation’s best-known organizations have switched to mobile payments, and there’s a little something to be learned from each one.

Girl Scouts Transition From Cash to Credit

More than 40,000 Girl Scout troops have upped their cookie game by accepting mobile payments. Supporters can now buy as many boxes of Thin Mints or Do-Si-Dos as they’d like, without any cash on hand.

According to Engadget, an Ohio troop was the first to go with Intuit GoPayment. Since then, its cookie sales have quadrupled. Scouts pop the card reader into their smartphones and carry them around the neighborhood. People have an even harder time saying “no” to buying cookies when paying with plastic is an option.

Transitioning to credit card sales used to be an expensive choice, but today it doesn’t have to be. Mobile-payment services like GoPayment offer low fees and easy setup for merchants — and instant gratification for customers.

Starbucks Streamlines Operations to Reduce Wait Time

One of the most important deciding factors in implementing mobile payments is return on investment, according to Retail Technology Trends. The new system must provide value for customers and the business.

An early adopter, Starbucks has mobile payments down to a science. It uses the technology to streamline a high volume of relatively small transactions, getting customers in and out of its coffeehouses with minimal effort.

Starbucks’ system varies slightly from the norm, but it works: Customers download the Starbucks app, load in pre-paid funds (like putting money on a gift card), and use those funds at checkout. This is a good solution for customers who aren’t quite ready to swipe a credit card with a smartphone.

Apple Handles Transactions on the Spot

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Apple designed its own mobile-payment system back in 2009.

Its technology is essentially a walking POS system that lets sales staff work with customers, look up or scan products, swipe credit cards, and send digital receipts to customers’ email accounts, all without heading to a checkout counter.

When working closely with customers is important, a mobile POS option like Apple’s lets you be where you’re needed.

Sephora Offers Myriad Perks 

Sephora, a fragrance and beauty supply company, offers customers more than a convenient means for purchasing goods. Its tailored mobile-payment system for smartphones and iPad gives shoppers access to product searches, special offers, and more.

Users are notified when they’re near a store, and the system tracks and stores gift cards, coupons, loyalty memberships, and customers’ shopping lists and favorites. It even lets customers scan bar codes to access more information and videos, according to Sephora Beauty Insider.

Reaching customers in the way that they prefer is key to encouraging repeat business. GoPayment enables merchants of all sizes to build loyalty by providing their customers with the convenience of mobile payments.

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