4 Benefits of Opening an Intuit Merchant Account

Intuit’s suite of products for small businesses helps you keep your operations running smoothly.

Setting up a merchant account is the first step in getting a new business off the ground or taking an established one from good to great.

Here are four benefits of opening one.

1. Easy GoPayment Setup Means You’re Ready for Business in Short Order

Intuit Merchant Services gives you the tools you need for success. This is true whether you run a very small business that’s used to handling cash or a larger one that wants to keep up with mobile-payment technology.

With a merchant account, GoPayment lets you accept credit cards anywhere you carry your smartphone or tablet. Once your account is approved, accepting credit cards with a mobile device is really just a matter of installing the software, logging in, and plugging the card reader into your phone or tablet.

Startup is free, and fees are low. Add a company logo and contact information to the interface for a custom look.

2. QuickBooks Keeps All of Your Documents in Order

Many entrepreneurs are familiar with QuickBooks. With QuickBooks Merchant Services, you can enter inventory, customer, and vendor details — and QuickBooks helps you process credit card and check payments while keeping track of day-to-day operations.

With a QuickBooks Merchant Services account, you can also accept credit card payments online. If your company invoices for some services, Intuit Payment Network lets customers pay online using a check or credit card.

3. Sync GoPayment With QuickBooks, and You’re Really in Business

GoPayment and QuickBooks are great on their own, but syncing them carries your business seamlessly from mobile point-of-sale to bookkeeping. With just a few clicks, you can link your GoPayment account to QuickBooks and then download and manage daily transactions.

Because GoPayment works only with mobile devices, so you’ll need to install QuickBooks Merchant Services to accept card payments via computer (see #2).

4. “Unlimited Users” Enables You to Handle Transactions in More Places at Once

Businesses with more than one sales rep on their team don’t have to share devices. GoPayment allows unlimited users, each with their own mobile device but connected to the same merchant account.

This feature caters to busy shops with lots of customers, and it also works well for teams of service professionals who travel. Using geolocation, GoPayment even calculates sales tax based on the site of the sale. Download transactions from each device at the end of the day, and everything is stored in QuickBooks.

Intuit products are centered on small-business success.  Each tool complements the rest and is easy to use. With so many possibilities, growing your business is only a few clicks away.

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