3 Stands to Turn Your Tablet into a Cash Register

With the emergence of mobile payments technology, the traditional cash register may be going extinct. Most businesses can now accept credit card payments using only a tablet computer and GoPayment card reader. As a result, many business owners are using their tablet computers instead of dealing with bulky, costly cash registers — especially when conducting transactions at off-site locations.

Of course, a tablet computer-as-cash register works best if it sits on a stand, which keeps it stable and makes it easy to find. Here are three great tablet computer stands that can help make your tablet feel a lot more like a device used at a checkout counter.

elago P2 Stand for iPad and PC: This stand is remarkable in its elegance and simplicity. The elago P2 consists of a three-sided piece of bent aluminum that resembles a triangle with a gap at one corner. The front part has two curved “claws” to support the tablet, and the rear contains a cutout hole for cables. The silver-colored stand is compatible with most tablet computers. Reviewers crow about how the stand is visually appealing without being bulky, making it an ideal choice for a countertop cash register. Price: $29.99

Tablet Claw Grip & Stand: This polycarbonate product features two “claw-like” holders which keep the tablet computer in place so it won’t slide off the stand. The flat surface is attached to a kickstand that has settings for both viewing and typing. You can also put one hand through the ringlet in the kickstand and walk around with the tablet without removing it from the stand. Reviewers claim that it is perfect for all kinds of functions; and because it is portable, it lends itself well to accepting mobile payments. Price: $49.99

WindFall for iPad:  This is the Cadillac of tablet stands, making it perfect for retailers who want to use it on their checkout counters. The stand is simply an acute-angled piece with laser-cut steel finish and a fine-textured powdercoat, and it sits on a flat disc which can be affixed to a flat surface. The WindFall also features a “pivot table” assembly so it can be rotated to face a customer. There’s even a clevis pin kit available to secure it with a cable, so it cannot be removed by a would-be thief. The product gets high marks from many corners, but particularly from buyers who use it as a point-of-sale accessory for their businesses. Price: $129.99

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