10 Creative Ways to Get Customers to Spend More in Your Store

If you own or manage a store, you probably spend a lot of time trying to woo new customers and raise awareness in the marketplace about your business. But how much effort do you put into encouraging your existing clientele to spend more money at your store?

Here are 10 suggestions to help you get them to do just that.

1. Provide baskets or carts. You don’t want customers to feel like they can’t buy more than whatever they can carry around the store in two hands, right?

2. Sell complementary products, such as polish at a shoe store. Or sunscreen at a golf shop. People are more likely to buy complementary products if they don’t have to go to elsewhere to get them.

3. Encourage impulse buys. From bottled water and chewing gum to batteries and magazines, inexpensive items placed near your checkout counter may boost your overall sales.

4. Put children’s goods at eye level. Toys, candy, and sodas should be placed strategically in displays and aisles where children are likely to notice (and even grab) them, because parents hate saying “no” to their kids.

5. “Buy one, get one free” specials. Use these promotions to move stagnant inventory or to lure customers into the store in the hopes that they’ll buy additional merchandise.

6. Change your window displays frequently. This gives consumers the impression that if they don’t drop in regularly, they run the risk of products being sold out.

7. Offer free samples. Food, beverages, and hand lotion are excellent products to let people try. Samples grab customers’ attention and slow them down.

8. Play soft music. Studies have shown that slow-tempo music causes customers to take their time — and ultimately spend more money — in a store.

9. Appeal to people’s sense of smell. Scented candles, aromatic coffee, and freshly baked cookies activate customers’ salivary glands, which increases the odds that they’ll make impulse buys.

10. Use mobile-payment systems to collect customer purchase data. After you assess what specific customers like to buy, you can send them targeted advertising via email or text messages to drive additional sales.

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