Take a Tip from us….

If you’re an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, the latest update to your GoPayment app will let your customers leave you a tip as part of their purchase.

Our latest release for the Apple iOS lets you choose whether or not you want to accept tips from your customers.  It’s perfect for drivers, food carts, hair stylists….anyone whose customers like to leave them a little something extra.

Here’s how it works:

To accept tips, access your GoPayment Settings from within the app and turn the Tips switch to ‘On’ :

After you’ve swiped or entered the card information, the signature screen will appear with an option to ‘Add a Tip’ in the upper left-hand corner:

If they select to add a tip, they’ll be given a percentage range…which will calculate their new total for them so they can adjust as necessary.  iPad Users:  Your customers will also have the ability to speficy a flat tip amount if they don’t want to note a percentage.

The new total of their charge will show up at the top of the screen as well as the tip amount in the upper right hand corner.  They can always select to change the amount of the tip by hitting the ‘Change Tip’ button:

After they sign, hit the Charge button and the transaction will be sent off for processing…including the extra gratuity they’ve left you for the fantastic service!

Android Users: We have not forgotten you!  We’re working on several very important updates to the Android platform to be released this summer.  We’ll add another post with Android-specific tips information as soon as we have a release date. Thank you!

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